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Главная » Готовые исследования » "Food retail and consumer market of Russia. Growth prospects in 2017-2019"
Готовые исследованияГотовые исследования

"Food retail and consumer market of Russia. Growth prospects in 2017-2019"

  • Release date: 22.08.2017
  • Number page: 89
  • Lang. report: English
  • Price:150000 руб   2043 USD   1717 EUR
Project idea. After over 15 years of daily monitoring and focus on the Russian economy and its segments, INFOLine came up with the idea of creating a unique product – a comprehensive line of research into the key sectors of the Russian economy. The analytical materials describe the development of industries over the past 5 years and growth prospects for the next 3 years in the following areas:
The research is based on a common methodology and structure helping not only to obtain detailed insights into one industry, but also to explore and compare diverse sectors.
N. B.! The research has been released in an innovative format of a convenient e-presentation: this is the most preferable format, which, in addition to the text, includes a large amount of graphic material (drawings, diagrams, tables), as well as hyperlinks to the most important regulatory documents and corporate websites.

Relevance of the research “Food retail and consumer market of Russia. Growth prospects in 2017-2019”.

The retail market mainly depends on the purchasing power of the population. After the macroeconomic events of 2014, the strong weakening of the ruble and the intriduction of a food embargo, the situation in the sector has deteriorated significantly. Retail turnover falls both in food and non-food segments. In connection with this situation, in the part of the RTO Food, the retail chains which sell goods at a price close to the wholesale (discounters) have become the most developed, moreover, the highest rates belongs to federal networks, whose symbols and format are known throughout the country. But they also have to deal with the reorganization of outlets, resorting to the closing of unprofitable shops. In the segment of retail trade in non-food products, there is a partial transition to the Internet. Many shops create Internet versions for the possibility of selling products there, some brands appear immediately on the Internet, and online stores are also created, where you can buy products from different companies. The worldwide web is attractive for the retail market in Russia with unformed legislation in terms of taxation, the lack of the need to purchase and rent real estate, with reducing the cost of man-resources, which allows the "virtual" stores to reduce the price of the product itself. Also, the number of orders in foreign online stores by the Russian population is growing, especially in Chinese and Korean. Gradually, the index of consumer confidence is growing and the indicators of retail turnover are equalized. In order to understand what the pace of recovery of the retail market and what to expect in the future, we conducted a comprehensive study of the industry, affecting all its segments. With the help of the proposed product, you will be able to determine the position of your own company regarding the dynamics of the industry and outline possible ways of business development.

Purposes of the research:
  • Review of the retail industry FMCG
  • review of the industry development vector by describing the most important events
  • outlook for the development of the industry;
  • ranking of FMCG-retailers by revenue, number of stores, selling space for each of the segments;
  • insights into consumer behavior;
  • development of a scenario outlook for the development of Food retail;
  • review and analysis of government regulation.
  • analysis of the activities of the largest companies in the industry;

Top synergistic effect can be achieved through the combination of the research “Food retail and consumer market of Russia. Growth prospects in 2017-2019” with other INFOLine’s products featuring this industry:

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5. Regular reviews of retail news in “Theme-based news”: 6. Research:
The research findings can be used in: benchmarking, competitor analysis, marketing and strategic planning, prospecting for new customers and partners, preparing for negotiations with retail chains.

Research timeline: Dynamics since 2011, results of 2016 (macroeconomic indicators of retail trade, demand in the consumer market, capacity and market dynamics by segments, operating and financial indicators of retail chains). Outlooks for 2017-2019 (capacity, dynamics and structure of the retail market FMCG in Russia, strategies and plans for the development of the biggest chains).
Research schedule: Q2 2017.

Research advantages:
  • innovative format of e-presentation;
  • structured description and analysis of trends and development prospects in FMCG market;
  • scenario outlooks for the industry development until 2019 developed by INFOLine;
  • Outlook for the development of the largest FMCG retail chains;
  • A market survey of the largest suppliers FMCG: results of 2016, the outlook for 2017;
  • the bedrock of the research is the annually updated and enlarged database of over 1,000 largest retail chains in Russia in different areas of commerce; throughout the year, analysts incessantly compiled, aggregated, verified and analyzed operating and financial indicators of Russian retail companies;
  • ratings of retail chains FMCG (TOP-10) by financial and operating indicators;
  • ratings of retail chains FMCG (TOP-5) in the context of trade formats (hypermarket, supermarket, discount house, shop near the house, specialized networks (segments "alcohol" and "meat products");
  • Information about TOP-7 FMCG retail chains (Magnit, X5 Retail Group, Auchan Reatail Russia, Dixy, Metro Group, Lenta OKEY) and 2 specialized retailed chains (Red & White, VkusVill "and" Izbenko ")

The presentation is available in Russian.

Research objectives and structure by sections:

I. Key indicators of retail trade and consumer market. Macroeconomic indicators of retail trade – dynamics of turnover and money supply. Structure of retail turnover by types of goods and organizations. Regional structure of retail turnover. Inflation in the Food and Non-Food market. Personal incomes and spending. Monetary policy. Consumer expectations and confidence.
II. The most important events of retail trade. The most important events that can affect the retail trade in Russia: state regulation of retail trade, events and activities of international companies in the countrys market, quality control of consumer goods.
III. Indicators of FMCG retail. Dynamics and structure of the market, the percentage of the largest players, the number of retail objects and retail space (based on the sample of TOP-190 retailers of FMCG in Russia), the dynamics and outlook for investment activity, trends and development prospects. Ratings of retail chains by revenue, retail space, ratings in terms of trade formats, prospects for the development of the largest retailers. Entering the RC, M & A deals, resignations and appointments.
IV. A conjuncture survey of the largest FMCG suppliers. Dynamics of sales of the largest FMCG suppliers, the share of sales of the largest suppliers through the FMCG retail chains, development of companies and government regulation, interaction of leading suppliers with FMCG retail chains.
V. The largest FMCG retail chains in Russia. Operational, financial indicators, regional representation, key events and development scenarios for the top-7 largest FMCG retail chains in Russia (X5 Retail Group, Magnit, Auchan Retail Russia, DIXY Group, Lenta, Metro Cash & Carry,OKEY ") And two segment leaders (" Red & White "- alcohol," VkusVill "and" Izbenko "- natural products).
VI. Market of malls. Key indicators of the mall market, the largest commissioned malls, the rating of mall owners, key industry events, investment projects in the early stages of construction, news of the largest projects in progress.
VII. Outlook for development of Food retail. Scenario conditions and indicators of economic development in Russia in 2017-2019, INFOLine’s Food retail development scenarios, the outlook for the dynamics of personal incomes and spending, the outlook for Food retail turnover by sales channels, the outlook for the number and area of FMCG objects through sales channels.

Track record and references: INFOLine has carried out customized research and engaged in independent research on Russian retail trade since 2005, prepared cross-section and industry ratings in the following areas: FMCG, DIY, etc. Our regular customers exceed 50 retail chains (including market leaders: X5 Retail Group , OKEY, Lenta, Auchan, Leroy Merlin, IKEA, OBI, Castorama, Petrovich Trading House Ltd., Maxidom, M.Video, Eldorado, Yulmart, etc.) and more than 100 manufacturers and suppliers of consumer goods (Procter&Gamble, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, SABMiller, Fazer, Mars, Henkel, Tarkett, Saint-Gobain, Henkel, Knauf and many others). The rating of the largest retailers in Russia INFOLine Retail Russia TOP-100 is the most reputable and quoted, it is regularly used in publications by leading business media such as Kommersant, Vedomosti, RBC, etc. In addition, INFOLine IA has unique research competencies and experience in various sectors of the economy: Food and Non-Food retail, commercial real estate, etc.

You may get a questionnaire detailing your information requirements and a complete list of ready-made Research and other INFOLine’s information products HERE. By sending us a filled questionnaire, you can receive a FREE short version of any product you are interested in.

  • Data of the Federal State Statistics Service, the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation, the Central Bank of Russia, Russian Public Opinion Research Center;
  • IFRS reports and statements of international and Russian companies;
  • survey and interviewing more than 200 FMCG traiding networks, data from the largest retailers (website materials, press releases), monitoring of store openings and closures of 1,000 retail chains in Russia;
  • INFOLine’s analytical databases: “600 department and specialty DIY retail chains in Russia”, “700 FMCG retail chains in Russia”, etc.;
  • key takeaways of the leading retail industry forums;
  • INFOLine’s research: “INFOLine Retail Russia ТOP-100”, “Household market in Russia”, “FMCG Hypermarkets in Russia”;
  • other INFOLine products: Theme-based news: “Home and garden retail and DIY chains in Russia”, “Food retail and FMCG retail chains”, “Consumer market and rating of FMCG retail chains in Russia”, etc.;
  • research and reviews of other companies and associations: DSM Group “Russian pharmaceutical market”, Json & Partners Consulting “Russian smartphone market”, GfK TEMAX® “Russian market of home appliances and electronics”, Data Insight “Online commerce market”, National Association of Distance Selling “Import in online sales of the Russian Federation”, Sberbank CIB “Ivanov’s consumer index”, etc.;
  • materials of more than 5,000 Russian media (daily monitoring of the federal and regional press, news agencies, electronic media).

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